Fixing the Roof



Unfortunately, sometimes roof damage extends beyond repair or restoration. We offer a full lineup of all roofing substrates to replace your roof should this step be needed in the course of a property's life cycle. 


Otherwise known as liquid applied roofing, restoration systems are the best and most commonly used preventative maintenance options available on the market that reduce building energy consumption; at the same time, these systems minimize tenant or business interruptions. Liquid applied roofing systems are typically same-year tax deductible, which serves as an additional benefit. 



Paratus Roofing recognizes that the first step in fixing a problem is preventing it from happening in the first place. Otherwise known as preventative maintenance, our thorough inspections are meticulously executed in order to examine all roof components. Our team then provides detailed steps for preventing deterioration, which saves our customers money in both the short-term and the long-term.  



A critical aspect of the preventative maintenance process is ensuring that a roof is properly cleaned and that it is free and clear of debris. A clean roof also enhances its ability to remain highly reflective, reducing energy consumption throughout the facility. To that end, Paratus offers a suite of roof cleaning services. 



Annual and quarterly maintenance is typically required on most new builds. We can be the expert you need. Trust the Paratus team to make sure that your warranty is voided and that your building is consistently checked to assure it's in its best possible shape.



Storm preparation is critical for anyone living along the Gulf Coast. Paratus and its team of experts are adroitly equipped to board up windows, provide pre-storm roof repairs and maintenance, and ensure that your building or home is in the best possible position to hold up against potentially devastating weather conditions.


Our thermal drone has the capability to detect moisture and to fully scan roof systems from above, which provides valuable clues as to the possibility of moisture build-up in any area of the roof surface. This data is then analyzed in order to ascertain a more accurate and detailed status report, which allows Paratus to further assess a roof's given state and to suggest precise solutions. 



Let Paratus deal with the stresses of making sure that your property damage is being properly compensated for via an insurance claim. Far too often, individuals try to battle insurance companies on their own and end up on the losing side. We have a team of experts that know what to look for and are willing to doggedly fight on your behalf.



Interested in learning more about the intricacies of roofing systems? Paratus and its roofing experts possess the know-how to meticulously engage with any customer on an education level in order to guarantee that they are well-prepared to handle the road ahead – no matter the obstacle. We work with trusted roofing industry partners in order to provide customers with a specific plan of attack that is appropriate for any given situation. Ask us how we can save you time and money via Paratus's comprehensive consulting services.